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Planted Skin Care - Nutrient Rich Face Cream

Planted Skin Care - Nutrient Rich Face Cream

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A rich day and night cream, gently floral scented with Lavender and Geranium

Made using only natural ingredients

Suitable for all skin types


Formulated with a synergistic blend of 11 of nature's most nutrient dense plant oils, carefully selected to contain the broad spectrum of nutrition that will regenerate and replenish your skin.

Key ingredients (in order of quantity)

* Rose Water - balances pH levels, soothes inflamed or sensitive skin and restores our skin's protective barrier (the acid mantle).

* Pomegranate Seed Oil - deeply penetrating non-greasy moisturisation, exceptional qualities for skin renewal and reparation of damaged cells, aids in production of collagen.

* Rosehip Oil - especially high levels of Vitamins A and C which brighten skin, disperse dark spots and pigmentation, and promote smooth, supple skin.

* Raspberry Seed Oil - offers natural UVA and UVB protection and UV damage repairing benefits and is also an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Comes in a recyclable plastic airless pump container.

66% organic

pH balanced and non-comedogenic (non pore clogging)

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