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Planted Skin Care - Shea and Cocoa Whipped Body Butter

Planted Skin Care - Shea and Cocoa Whipped Body Butter

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A luxurious and intensely hydrating body moisturiser with a natural citrus cocoa scent

Made using only natural ingredients

Suitable for all skin types


Using only ever unrefined and cold pressed oils, Planted’s body butter is expertly formulated to provide and sustain deep hydration and nourishment. This preservative free formula is gentle enough for all skin types and even babies. Say goodbye to scaly skin!

Key ingredients
 (In order of quantity)

Shea butter - Deeply penetrates for intense hydration and restored elasticity. Treats inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Natural UV protectant.

Cocoa butter - Occlusive properties lock in moisture and reduce water loss. Particularly rich in minerals and skin softening vitamin E.

Lavender essential oil - Calms and soothes our minds and our skin. Reduces scarring and pigmentation, increases collagen production.

Geranium essential oil - Tightens and tones skin. Protects from environmental damage such as pollution and stress.

74% organic

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